Get a life, Davis Guggenheim!

Re: Daisy, in “Waiting for Superman”

Yes, let’s use a cute, wide-eyed Latina girl. A cute, compliant Latina girl who has 2 parents at home.

Let’s not show rough Latino boys with tats, because it would make Guggenheim’s audience want to triple lock their doors at night. Everyday teachers have seen the very students swept away by the gangster culture that is Hot, Thrilling and Welcoming—-much better than school.

We have kids who tattoo their faces and do piercings all over their bodies to the point that someone adult needs to step in and say “STOP, you are NOT getting a white collar job with tats all over your face.” In which case, the kid will probably say “Fuck you” and get up and leave class to go be with his “homies”. And the teacher gets screwed because that kids test scores will suck and there goes her career.

With all the student debt these days, Mr. Guggenheim, you’re advocating that recent grads go out and throw themselves on these societal grenades? And you’re not even offering sainthood? It’s not your problem, you get to go on working, while these people camp out with the Occupy Movement because they’re unemployed.

And when the gangsters take the college-educated kids down with them, who was smarter? Obviously, the gangsters as they still have a job in the ever-losing War on Drugs here in the US. Then again, you aren’t gearing your movie at telling them to “better society” because none of the gangster types have enough attention span to sit through your sucky little movie. And most of them have been kicked out of charter schools. Get a life, Davis Guggenheim.