Mike Lunceford, our Mitt!

With our Houston ISD school board, the Gang that Couldn’t Think Straight, they got into a tiff over who should be the Board President.

We had a bored housewise version of Sarah Palin, Anna Eastman, v. a philanderer thinner version of Newt Gingrich, Greg Myers.

Of course, they went with the Mitt Romney-esque, Mike Lunceford.

It’s the battle of the White People. Battling over a school district that is increasing Latino. Kind of like the U.S. right now.

The problem is, being on the school board is like having an expensive hobby. You can only afford to do that if you have a rich husband (Eastman) or can score side deals with local businesses (Myers). Or if you’re just an established rich guy like Lunceford.

The Latinos are still up and coming, so it’s much harder for them to have an expensive hobby like being on a school board. But when they come to power, the White People will probably wish that they had been nicer to them. Or at least, that they spoke Spanish. Es muy importante para hablar espanol en Texas! True that.